Press Release

Mediportal Technologies Announces the Execution of Letter of Intent for Strategic Acquisition of Mpower People LLC

New York, February 10, 2021 — Mediportal Technologies, Inc., a health technology company based in New York City, is pleased to announce the successful execution of a letter of intent to acquire Mpower People LLC., a staffing and recruiting entity.

Mpower People is a natural addition to Mediportal Technologies and addresses the immediate needs of employers to attract talent and hire safely. With this acquisition, Mediportal Technologies is well-positioned to provide healthcare companies with an effortless digital workflow for hiring in the marketplace today as COVID-19 continues to weigh on employers.
Mpower People will provide a seamless experience to onboard new employees, background-screen job applicants, automate employee credentialing, and on-demand staffing.

“We see an excellent strategic opportunity to rapidly grow the current revenues of $5M, by leveraging Mpower People’s extensive and established national network,” said Steve Burt, CEO of Mediportal Technologies. “This acquisition is a strategic move that will diversify our revenue sources and provide a substantial long-term growth opportunity in a rapidly expanding market sector of healthcare staffing.”

Mediportal Technologies’ SaaS healthcare management platform will now enable healthcare employers to immediately verify C19 vaccines/tests of job applicants and employees alike. This creates a truly ground-breaking model for all employers everywhere that are concerned with the safety and health of their employees.

About Mediportal Technologies, Inc.

Mediportal Technologies, Inc. is a health technology company based in New York and the first to market Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) healthcare management platform that allows physicians to use on-demand EMR/EHR/PM functions for in-person or telemedicine patient care engagement and provides patients with on-demand real-time personal medical, health and wellness services allowing for seamless real-time care continuity.

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