Built on Mediportal's Medical Information Exchange®­

Supports real-time information across the US and globally. Rethink your information management and processes with real-time data that empowers real-time diagnosis.
Integrated Patient Care

Provide your patients with a seamless care experience with real-time communication and managed care.


Caring has just got easier through secure video conferencing which means effective care in an efficient manner.

Simple Charting

Move from many systems and multiple costs to one platform, one monthly fee, zero upgrade costs.

Data Sharing

When you click, they click, sharing information has just been made easy, real-time, every-time throughout your patient ecosystem.

Effective Billing

Seamless, effective and efficient, next generation billing management to eliminate billing headaches and costs.

Performance Analytics

Stop guessing and start learning about your population, patients and financial metrics to protect your viability.

Mcare Empowers You To Deliver Care Quickly And Efficiently On Every Level
Single Practice
Use Mediportal Power

Mcare greatly simplifies workflows in single practices. Get rid of multiple systems and use one seamless workflow from scheduling to encounter to billing.. designed to reduce process and increase time.

Group Platform
Power your Brand

Designed for multiple practice locations, with different requirements and different specialties in a single united platform. Use data integration, centralized billing, group performance metrics and population intelligence.

Enterprise Solution
Empower Your Team

The ultimate custom digital solution for a multi-state, national or global organization. A range of enterprise and specialist options to provide your Branded secure solution.

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Improve Productivity with Touch and Go Simplicity

When you need to access your patients clinical information, make the most of critical moments using our mobile and web applications. Your Gateway to Better Health ® outcomes!


Instant, simple access to your patients from anywhere.

  • Treat your patients virtually from anywhere, from any device.
  • Consistent high-quality video conferencing, even in low-bandwidth environments.
  • Simple user management and sign-on make video a seamless component of the virtual experience.
  • Group Virtual Visits supports multiple providers and patients.
  • Secure and Compliant.

Provider Mobile App

Instant, simple access to your patients health records.

  • Remote access to patient information
  • Provider Book for referrals
  • Patient Search
  • Secure messaging and conference meetings
  • Real-time patient data from hospitals, imaging, labs etc.
  • All information synchronized across all platforms
  • Telemedicine functions
  • Dictation
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More Time
Less Expense
Protect Your Income
Engagement Board
Enjoy intuitive dashboard and customizable multi-resource calendar.
Simple Charting and Templates
See how simple and fast it can be to create patient encounter notes.
Save time and eliminate phone calls for you and your staff with electronic prescribing.
Electronic Billing
Complete and submit an accurate superbill in just a few clicks.
Secure Messaging
Conveniently message anyone in your practice, your biller or billing team, even your patients.
24/7 support, personal coaching and immediate video support to change, add or reduce your range of tools, workflows and functions.
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