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Traditional healthcare is broken. We’re building a better way.

You Don’t Need an EMR – Mpower is the Health Data Management Platform that’s built for the people who use it.

Mpower is a plug & play care management and patient engagement platform for healthcare professionals, ranging from simple telemedicine to enterprise care management functions. Accessed through a monthly user subscription, it provides operating simplicity, high security, and transformational cost savings.

Launch Your Telehealth Practice in 5 minutes

A Complete Virtual Practice


The Practice Suite

How much of your current EMR are you really using?

  • EThe Practice Suite from Mpower provides practice management, medical records, and patient engagement in a seamless cloud platform at a fraction of cost and effort of replacing complex and expensive EMR/EHR/PM systems.
  • EThe 'À la carte' user choice means you can choose to only pay for the functions you need, from telemedicine to complete care management, massively reducing unnecessary costs while still affording the time-saving benefits that fit your practice-- you choose, we configure.
  • ECreate your personal workflows, manage continuity of care through your local care ecosystem, and use real-time patient information to improve time management and maximize revenue opportunities.

A CompleteCare Experience

Before the visit

  • Invite patients to your private waiting room by email or text
  • Complete custom intake forms
  • Triage patients in a smart waiting room
  • Collect online payments

During the Visit

  • ZComplete a Virtual Visit with secured HD and adaptive video
  • ZUtilize tools such as screen sharing or multi-person video conferencing to add other providers, interpreters or family members
  • ZSecured HD and adaptive video
  • ZShare files or chat in a secured live messenger
  • ZTake, store and share SOAP Notes
  • ZFill out in-assessment coding

After the Visit

  • ZSetup follow up appointments
  • ZSend auto-confirmations and reminders
  • Ze-Prescribe medication
  • ZReview patient data analytics
  • ZPatients can immediately review their visit notes & attachments

Go Live Today

Add Modules As You Go


All Features Below

  • WHIPAA Compliant
  • WSecure Video Conferencing
  • WScreen sharing
  • WChat with file transfer
  • WSmart Scheduling
  • WReporting
  • WMobile Apps (iOS and Android)
  • WOne-click Appointment Entry
  • WEmail and SMS Invite and Reminders
  • WProvider Vanity URL
  • WAppointment Requests
  • WPatient Personal Notes


All the benefits of Telemedicine, plus:

  • WPatient Management
  • WPatient Charts
  • WSOAP Notes
  • WICD10 Codes
  • WEvaluation and Assessment Coding
  • WEncounter History
  • We-Signature
  • WPatient Health Profile
  • WDocuments Managment
  • We-Prescribe
  • WMedical Information Exchange
  • WCustom Provider Note Templates

Benefits of Mpower

Treat more patients

Treat your Patients ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. Virtual Visits reduce no-shows and cancellations.

Increase Revenue

Virtual Visits allows your office’s staff to save time on scheduling, intake and billing per encounter by allowing patients to self-schedule and manage intake forms and billing.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Virtual Visits gives healthcare organizations the flexibility to deliver high-quality care to their patients anytime, anywhere.

Standalone Solution

Easy, simple and immediate. Designed to work with any EMR. Bring your EMR or use our complete solution — without ever leaving Mediportal.

Security and Encryption

Securely encrypted through standardized and time-tested encryption protocols.

HIPAA Compliant

Mediportal has aligned its products, policies and procedures to support customers in accordance with HIPAA privacy and security rules

More Time, Less Administration, Increased Profits

Mpower is designed in modules, which means you can use one module at a time and slowly upgrade to modern time and cost saving technology before you discard your current complex, costly and demanding legacy EMR/EHR

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