The People’s Passport
The complete personal healthcare app for all your Medical, Health, and Wellness needs.

Patient Populations, Corporate Work Environments, Healthcare Providers,
Travel, Entertainment, Restaurants …

We believe people, should be empowered and informed regarding their personal health options, that why we have created a personal health passport.

Transform Patient Experience

Empower your patient to part of your care solution through issuing every patient with a health Passport and integrated telemedicine and much more.

Control Your Care Options

Create a personal ecosystem with your doctor and carers, with a seamless connection to track personal devices, telehealth options, and much more through your personal mobile.

Because we believe ‘Patients are People First’ we merged those two worlds into One!

The Consumer

  • ETelemedicine
  • EHealth Profile
  • ERefill Prescriptions
  • ERemote Patient Monitoring
  • EAppointment Reminders
  • ETravel
  • EConnect to devices
  • ERefill Prescriptions
  • ERemote Patient Monitoring
  • EAppointment Reminders

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The People’s Passport with Integrated Telemedicine and COVID-19 Visa

Simple, Convenient, Personal
See your personal doctor from anywhere, request an appointment, and join them for your private video call.
‘Can’t believe how simple it is to meet my doctor at home’

‘I meet with my therapist during my lunch breaks’

‘It’s so convenient to meet my doctor, saves so much time’

‘My nurse checks on me every day, wow I love my Telemedicine Health Passport’

The People’s Passport

  • Telemedicine
  • Health Profile - Organize All Your Health Information
  • Lab results and Imaging
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Verification
  • Immunization
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Conditions
  • Family & social history
  • Procedures
  • Email and SMS Reminders
  • Secure communication with your physicians.
  • No more waiting for medical records
  • Trusted, Safe and Secure


  • ZDigital Health Passport Digital passport provides freedom with safety and privacy-protecting health status verification
  • ZPrivate Privacy preserving technology and identity access verification
  • ZSecured - HIPAA compliant secure and encryption for tamper proof security protecting patient data

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  • ZMpower Health Passport is linked to your identity - Cannot be stolen, lost or asserted by anyone other than the owners
  • ZPrivacy preserving – you control what information they share
  • ZSecure – Information cannot be accessed without your biometric information
  • ZAllows contactless validation with agencies
  • ZMpower Passport issued and updated without having to leave home

Helping People get back to society safely

Share when needed

When someone verifies your pass, our technology validates the digital signature of your pass to ensure authenticity.


We believe that everyone should be able to indicate compliance with health requirements without compromising their right to strict health data privacy

Accessible only by you

Choose when and where to share your information. Only you have access to your information and the ability to display your QR code for verification.


A secured and trusted solution for that can be used for
• Return to Travel
• Return to Concerts, Sporting Events
• Return to School