A Secure and Straightforward Telemedicine Solution That Works For Everyone.

"A life savior during this pandemic and I will continue to use with my on line ergonomic consultations and patients around the country that have wanted virtual appointments even before the pandemic."

~ Kathi Fairbend MS RPT
Author, Physical Therapy and Ergonomic Consultant
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  • HD Video
  • Low Bandwidth Support
  • Appointments scheduling
  • Secured Video Conferencing
  • Secured File Transfer
  • Works with every EMR/EHR
  • Multi mobile devices support
  • Doctor Reminders
  • Audit logging
  • HIPAA Compliant
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Treat More Patients
Treat your Patients ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. Virtual Visits reduce no-shows and cancellations.
Improve Patient Satisfaction
Virtual Visits gives healthcare organizations the flexibility to deliver high-quality care to their patients anytime, anywhere.
Increase Revenue
Virtual Visits allows your office’s staff to save time on scheduling, intake and billing per encounter by allowing patients to self-schedule and manage intake forms and billing.
Security and Encryption
All media streams are securely encrypted through standardized and time-tested encryption protocols.
HTTPS added protection
Mview has taken security a step further by forcing additional HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) security layer on top of existing security and encryption layers.
HIPAA compliant
Mediportal has aligned its products, policies and procedures to support customers in accordance with HIPAA privacy and security rules.
No App download required
Mview is extremely simple and easy to use for both clinicians and patients. Navigate your web browser to MD Telemedicine and start a secured telemedicine call.
No Web browser plugins
Mview allows users to set up video connections directly between browsers and devices without the use of plugins. The protection provided by the browser is an important differentiator from other video conferencing technology.
Low Bandwidth Support
Low bandwidth video and 3G mobility support MP Telemedicine makes HD video practical over consumer networks. It works well, even over 3G networks.

  • Works with any EMR
  • No need to setup a new system or transfer data.
  • Group Virtual Visits supports multiple providers and patients.
  • Virtual Visit text-based chat rooms.
  • Patients may be treated virtually from anywhere, from any device, ensuring timely medical care.
  • Consistent high-quality video conferencing, even in low-bandwidth environments.
  • Simple user management and sign-on make video a seamless component of the virtual experience.
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