Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

We have reimagined Patient Engagement because ‘Patients are People First’

Patients today expect convenient, digital interactions in most areas of their life. Mediportal’s patient engagement tools and services provide a seamless care experience, reducing your practice’s workload through a range of automated messaging services, appointment reminders, etc.

Together we deliver care

Patient-friendly direct interaction with physician, coach, and care manager with interactive tools for all populations who need preventive care management monitoring.

  • Telemedicine
  • Mediportal Health Profile
  • Mobile Applications


Give patients and providers the ability to mean fully connect and manage care through a convenient safe and secure alternative to an office visit.


Patient Portal

Through the convenient patient portal, patients can schedule appointments access forms, and make payments online. These tools make scheduling and payment easier for your patients reduce no-shows and improve collections for your practice.


Practice Ecosystem

Create your own Practice Ecosystem to seamlessly share real-time, clinical information every-time to other care providers and institutions.


Care Continuity

Remain informed through automated synchronization of patient care events across multiple providers and specialists and locations.


Patient Health Profile

Provide your patients with a secure mobile app that allows them to share their medical information securely anytime, anywhere.


Remote Monitoring Device

Monitor patients with real-time tracking and information alert from RMD’s with a range of performance alerts and custom parameters.


Automated Messages

Patients can receive automated reminders for appointments and follow up care. As well as alerts to see test results in the patient portal.


Better Bottom-line

Our patient engagement service helps practices escape no-shows and keep schedules full – that could result in a 4% drop in no-show rates.