Urgent Care, Home Care, Post Acute Care, Nursing Homes

COVID-19 visa

Provide care providers teams with personal COIVID -19 Visa for status verification for safe care delivery.

Create a provider safe ecosystem across all the facilities under your care with real-time communication and alerts and updates.

Include Health and Safety Needs relating to your operation for reference or personal virtual training with Telemedicine visual assistance .

Urgent Care

MPower puts the “urgent” in urgent care with its ability to conduct a virtual visit, create a care plan, and prescribe medications all without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office.

Post Acute

Now more than ever the ability to monitor patients in real time is important to the maintenance of quality care. MPower gives you the ability to track your patient’s vital health measurements remotely so you can make adjustments to their care plan on the fly.

Home Care

MPower your home health nurses and nursing assistants with the ability to assess a patient, create a care plan, and share it with the provider in a matter of minutes!

Nursing Homes

Continuity of care is of vital importance with residents of nursing homes. MPower enables constant communication in real time between patients, providers, and the facility so that the needs of the patients are always met.

More Time, Less Administration, Increased Profits

Mpower is designed in modules, which means you can use one module at a time and slowly upgrade to modern time and cost saving technology before you discard your current complex, costly and demanding legacy EMR/EHR

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