Business Case

2020 was historic in too many ways to count. But in a year when healthcare providers faced the worst financial crisis in the history of healthcare.
JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Ten years and $36 billion later, the system is an unholy mess!
Fortune and Kaiser Health News

What is the future of healthcare systems?


10% plus of Physicians want to exit their EMR’s


  • Escalating cost of ownership and excessive staffing requirement
  • nManual information sharing processes (paper) with patients & external specialties
  • sMassive information gaps that drive errors and duplicated medical records
  • Expensive and inconsistent patient information experience and care continuity
  • iNo digital patient ecosystem for information, education or care continuity

18.4% of Physicians use paper system

Only 8% of Physicians see EMRs provides clinical help !

Standford University School of Medicine

  • E44% of PCPs see EHR’s primary value as data storage, not as a powerful clinical tool
  • E15.1% of PCPs remaining paper based (535,600 total specialists with 486,400 PCPs)
  • E72% think that improving EHRs’ user interfaces could best address EHR challenges
  • E67% think solving interoperability deficiencies should be the top priority

Everywhere Care – Freedom to Live

Designed for the patient, employee, and consumer populations to instantly action a COVID-19 Visa to resume normal life…

  • EPeople's Passport
  • ECOVID-19 Visa
  • ETelemedicine

Universal Medical Record

A purpose-built secure medical information exchange

Storage and sharing made easy for you and your patients to access anytime, anywhere from a personal mobile app.

Automated Patient verification with universal medical record format reduces errors, confusion, duplication, and work processes.


Patient-Consumer health passport with COVID-19 inoculation visa and personal care functions.

  • EPhysician patient populations
  • EAviation & leisure companies
  • ECorporates
  • EConsumers


Telemedicine – Practice for cross-specialty practices, home & urgent care and corporate.

  • EPaper Practices
  • ESmall EMR Practices
  • EHome & Urgent Care
  • ECorporates

The Medical Information Exchange®

Viability & value pilot of current LA Ecosystem with the aim to expand throughout LA as an example for other cities to create a national/global offering.

  • EIntegrated Population Management
  • EClinical & Financial Analytics
  • EPost Acute Management

More Time, Less Administration, Increased Profits

Mpower is designed in modules, which means you can use one module at a time and slowly upgrade to modern time and cost saving technology before you discard your current complex, costly and demanding legacy EMR/EHR

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