Cost and Value

Our approach to cost and value sets us apart

No Software – No Hardware

Time to eliminate your current system costs, complexity, and process duplication and transform your teams’ efficiency with on-demand functions from any device, any time, anywhere.

One Entry – One Action

Time to reduce your system time increase your patient encounter time with multi-action workflows and automated referrals and patient communications.

Reducing Costs

We are seeking to immediately reduce practices operating costs by at least 25% if not much more..

No Hidden Costs

We provide comprehensive transparent billing which means you know exactly what you are paying for and why…

No Update Costs

We provide new updates each quarter without cost, drama, or disruption because it is key that you and your team are always benefiting from the latest advances in time and cost-saving efficiencies

Proactive Care

We believe that proactive care can greatly improve your patient’s experience and opinion about your team, care excellence, and reputation, that is why we provide a range of interactive patient options

Hidden Risks

We provide an ever-increasing range of care alerts as part of Mpower’s interactive intelligence functions, which means you are provided with important real-time information relating to a patient to ensure the highest continuity of care is delivered

Stay curious

We understand that care providers need to be mobile and yet always have all the required information at their fingertips, that is why our platform works on all devices, in or out of the office … anytime, anywhere because you care.. and so do we

More Time, Less Administration, Increased Profits

Mpower is designed in modules, which means you can use one module at a time and slowly upgrade to modern time and cost saving technology before you discard your current complex, costly and demanding legacy EMR/EHR

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