Improved Efficiency

While you cure the patients, we’ll cure the inefficiencies.

The Efficiency Issue

Efficiency covers three key areas in today Practices

Care providers’ time is highly valuable and precious, it is the core of any practice’s viability and profitably, hence ensuring that care providers can ‘Care’ with minimal administration is critical, that why Mpower is designed to minimize care provider entry time to maximize care time.

The larger the team the bigger the challenge to maintain productive processes and integrated smooth workflows. That is why we have developed individual workflow configuration for every role in practice to do their job better, with less effort, minimal waste, and maximum effectiveness

Managing patients is critical to smooth and seamless care, that is why we provide your patients with a personal and interactive patient portal that patients can use on any device, any time, anywhere. But more, we have integrated a range of communication and RMD functions that provide you and your patient with key care, wellness, and health information automatically.

More Time, Less Administration, Increased Profits

Mpower is designed in modules, which means you can use one module at a time and slowly upgrade to modern time and cost saving technology before you discard your current complex, costly and demanding legacy EMR/EHR

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