The Health Data Platform

Free Yourself and Your Costs with
21st Century On-Demand Care Management

One Platform – Many Care Options

From Telemedicine to Complete Care Management

Every clinician can provide HIPAA compliant telehealth!

Are you struggling to meet the demands of telehealth in a post-COVID19 landscape? Do you use a paper system ….. work from home or a small office…you deliver home care ……are based in a rural town…you just want to get rid of your costly EMR

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The Mpower Platform
Scales from 1 to 1,000’s users. Turn any screen into a telemedicine device.


Simple Telemedicine

Works with your existing EHR/EMR

  • IHIPAA Compliant
  • ISecure Video Conferencing
  • IScreen sharing
  • IChat and file transfer
  • ISmart scheduling
  • IReporting
  • IMobile Apps (iOS and Android)
  • IOne-Click Appointment Entry
  • ISMS invites and reminders
  • IProvider Vanity URL
  • IRequested Appointments
  • Iand much more..


Complete Care Management

Simplifies and replaces EMR/EHR complexity

  • IAll Telemedicine features plus:
  • IPatient Managment
  • IPatient Chart
  • ISOAP notes
  • IICD10 Codes
  • IEvaluation and Management Codes
  • IEncounter History
  • IeSignature
  • IPatient Health Profile
  • IDocuments Managment
  • Ie-Prescribe
  • IMedical Information Exchange
  • IIncludes 2 additional office staff users
  • Iand much more..
The personal patient medical and healthcare app with integrated Telemedicine for your patient’s every need.


Connected Patient Health

Transform your care and costs with a patient passport & COVID-19 Visa

Connect your patient population at no cost with a personal secure patient app that has embedded telemedicine, personal scheduling, the ability to share encounter history and notes, medications, allergies, immunization history, lab results, conditions, family history, and much more

Transform the way you manage and care for your patients with real-time inaction as required and the elimination of time-consuming processes through your connect patient healthcare ecosystem

The patient and health passport is designed to connect patient, employee, and consumer populations to effortlessly engage with their personal care provider
How many patients do you care for…

The Platform Suite

Make it Your Own

The Mpower Platform Suite offers the ultimate in customisation and co branded partnerships for consumer and business offerings

  • ECustomize care, testing, tracking and therapeutics through seamless integrated telemedicine functions for Patient, Consumer, or Employee care, purchasing, payment, testing, verification, and monitoring.
  • EAdopt the eCommerce for purchase, test and result sharing of COVID-19 or any testing requirement using telemedicine QA oversite.
  • EUse real-time forensic tracking analytics for performance metrics of clinical, operational, and population reporting.
  • EUse the integrated health passport to maintain patient, customer and employee communication with colour coded immunisation visa functions for your population needs, travel and business access.
  • EAction Real-Time Remote Monitoring for post-acute care and ongoing health care such as diabetes etc. with fluctuation alerts and real-time telemedicine support.
  • EConnect to health, wellness and fitness devices for wellbeing and daily activity tracking and lifestyle management
  • ECreate your own custom, patient or employee telehealth trading ecosystem for services, products, care and therapeutics

Medical Records

One Entry, One Action, One Care

The Mpower Platform has an integrated Medical Information Exchange which means every module you choose Solo, Clinic, Practice, you have automated medical record storage and access via your personal MD app and your patients through their health passport.

  • EYou don’t need Health information exchanges
  • EYou don’t need more costs and admin
  • EYou don’t need complex big systems

Create your own practice patient ecosystem today and share real-time information and care

It is easy, simple, it’s ready for you to roll out to your patients immediately

No problem….Interoperability solved

Your practice Care Ecosystem

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One Platform – Many Data Options

  • EWhich ever solution you use , Solo, Clinic or Practice medical record information can be stored automatically through an integrated purpose-built secure medical information exchange.
  • EAutomated Patient verification with universal medical record format creates a simple document format to reduce errors, confusion, duplication, and work processes.
  • ELets eliminate the Drama and ,make storage and sharing information easy for you and your patients to access anytime, anywhere from personal mobile app.

Its about People Not Patients

‘’ Mediportal’s Software-as-a-Service simplifies care management for physicians and transforms the patient into a consumer ’’

  • ESignificant cost savings with minimal migration effort
  • ETransform the patient-consumer care experience and communication
  • EReduce misdiagnosis due to information blind spots and personal liabilities
  • EReal-time post-acute care remote care monitoring to provide instant care
  • EPerformance analytics to improve healthcare outcomes to reduce costs
  • EThe Medical Information Exchange®, stores patient records with no effort
  • EIntegrated forensic tracking and analytics engine for accurate audits.
More Time, Less Administration, Increased Profits

Mpower is designed in modules, which means you can use one module at a time and slowly upgrade to modern time and cost-saving technology before you discard your current complex, costly, and demanding legacy EMR/EHR.

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Your personal coach will work with you, walk you through each function and help you set up how you want.