Mediportal has reimagined Healthcare because patients and providers are people first.

We have created a seamless care experience for the provider and the patient. Providers efficiently stay connected regardless of location or device, maximizing their effectiveness and profitability. Patients experience a more overall satisfying experience when seeking care in their time of need.


The Independent Telehealth Platform

Easy, simple and immediate. Designed to work with your existing EMR, it's stand alone, highly secure and works across all devices.

We make virtual visits a snap! Here’s how it works:

Simple telemedicine software that allows physicians to connect with patients for routine appointments over secure video visit.

  • Works with any EMR
  • No Browser Plugin or App download required
  • Secure and Encrypted
  • Low Bandwidth Support
  • HIPAA compliant
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The Comprehensive Care Platform

Get rid of multiple systems and use one platform for your scheduling, encounters, telemedicine and billing.. reduce process and increase efficiency today.

Designed By Doctors
Simplicity is Efficiency

Mcare has been designed by doctors for doctors and their teams. You can create seamless and effortless workflows and put patient care first.

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More Care – Less Work

No fuss, no drama, no headaches … we understand the critical flows in your practice. We have built a platform that you can configure to meet your exact needs.

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Its Personal
Making Your Life Easier

It’s all about you, which is why our platform can be used by any specialty, with personal workflows.

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