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Simple Telemedicine

Comprehensive and affordable solution for healthcare professionals

$ 199 /mo/provider
  • Telemedicine
  • Scheduling
  • Soap Note
  • Web and mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Direct and Secure patient/provider communication
  • Real-time results and access
Add-on Features
Interoperability Solution

Effortlessly aggregates data from legacy systems and interfaces

Custom Pricing
  • Streamline your medical records department
  • Own and control your data
  • Aggregate data from legacy systems
  • Interfaces with any EMR
  • Connect and aggregate real-time data
  • Data archive and backup
  • Mobile apps for access anywhere
Enterprise Solution

Create a custom solution that aligns with your operational demands

Custom Pricing
  • Build a custom solution tailored to your workflow
  • Dedicated support and development team
  • Own your technology
  • Dedicated support and development team

Add-on Features

Additional features to enhance your workflow

Custom Templates
Custom templates can be tailored to suit different medical specialties or clinical workflows, streamlining documentation and improving the accuracy of patient records. Your first custom template is free. Each additional template is $50.
/ template
Your first custom template is free
E-prescribe feature allows healthcare providers to electronically generate and transmit prescriptions to pharmacies directly from within the electronic medical record system.
/ month
$1.5 per prescripton
Remote Patient Monitoring
track and manage patient health data from a distance, often through connected devices or wearable technology. It allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients' vital signs, symptoms, and other health metrics, enabling proactive interventions and personalized care plans. By integrating with EMR systems, this approach streamlines data collection, analysis, and decision-making, ultimately improving patient outcomes and reducing the need for in-person visits.
/ provider/month
Practice Setup
Configure Mediprotal to meet the specific needs and workflows of your healthcare practice or organization. It includes creating user accounts, customizing templates, configuring security settings, and integrating with other systems to optimize efficiency and usability for healthcare providers.
as low as $199
contingent on requirements
Data Migration
Transfer your existing patient health records and other pertinent data from your current EMR system to Mediportal.
as low as $499
contingent on data volume
Seamless Integration with 3rd party
Link external systems to exchange patient information and other relevant data seamlessly. This integration enables healthcare providers to access additional resources such as lab results, imaging reports, or specialty-specific applications directly within Mediportal, streamlining clinical workflows and enhancing the comprehensiveness of patient records.
Pricing based on 3rd-party requirements